I grew up listening to the radio.  Really, I did.  And to my little stereo that played actual albums.  When you are a teenage girl, you naturally gravitate to love songs and dream of being in 'Puppy Love' with Donny Osmond, or experiencing that 'Kind of a Hush' all over the world.  It was such good music, and mostly fun, happy music.  I really miss it.  There are not alot of radio stations that play that kind of music anymore.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my country music, and all the new songs out right now, but sometimes, I just want to go back and listen to the 'oldies but goodies'.

Today would have been Michael Jackson's 54 birthday, so let's start with the Jackson 5 and one of my favorites.

You can almost never mention the Jackson 5 and that time frame without the comparison to The Osmonds.  Donny and Michael, same number of brothers, all singers and all making the cover of every teenage magazine!  Donny Osmond had such a sweet voice as he sang about Puppy Love!

Eventhough, the Osmonds and Jackson 5 were both groups out of America, I really loved Hermans Hermits.  Anyone else feel the same way?  They were just so good.  And who can resist an English accent?

Another group that I loved was the Monkees!  Did they make the TV show, or did the TV show make them?  Who knows?  But I do know that I loved Davy Jones, and my second favorite was Michael Nesmith.  I guess it was the strong, silent type thing that he had going!  So sad that we lost Davy Jones earlier this year!

Finally, I had to add a girl singer that I just loved.  It was more mature music as I grew out of my teens and into young adulthood that I found in Carole King.  Her song, 'You've got a friend' was so good!  Loved the James Taylor version too!

Great music to reminise by for sure!  I hope you enjoy this trip back in time as much as I enjoyed it.  What other songs from your past are your favorites?



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