Adam Hambrick positions himself as a pop vocalist with an old soul in "Forever Ain't Long Enough," his new country radio single. The groovy love song rides along on a feel-good track, but lyrically he says "I love you" in a new and interesting way.

There's an enjoyable Stax feel to producer Andrew DeRobert's arrangement. Clean guitar licks, righteous bass beats and a group of backing vocalists that at times come to the front of the stage pin "Forever Ain't Long Enough" in a forgotten era of rock music, one Bruno Mars has found success in bringing back, but few have approached in country music. Hambrick has the chops and swagger to pull it off, and he does so in a way that won't offend traditionalists. Sure, there's no audible banjo or fiddle here, but his storytelling is true to the format.

Joe Ginsberg and Kelly Archer helped Hambrick write "Forever Ain't Long Enough." The song is dominated by the feel-good sound and (towards the end especially) the singer's impressive stamina, but the way this group stylized each verse and tucked just the right words into every line of the chorus should be recognized. The second verse is particularly effective in bringing about real emotion from listeners, something many songs that hit the radio simply give up on after the first chorus.

Did You Know?: Hambrick has No. 1 hits as a songwriter in Dan + Shay's "How Not To" and Justin Moore's "Somebody Else Will."

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Adam Hambrick's "Forever Ain't Long Enough" Lyrics:

For all the times I get to watch you checking your shades in that side view mirror / For all the times I get to wake up next to you tangled up in my sheets / For every walk on the boulevard / With you on my arm / Every head turning like who's that girl / You'd think I'd get tired of it eventually.

But forever ain't long enough / For the fire that I have in my heart for you / No there ain't enough ticks on the clock / To do all of the things that I wanna do-o-o with you / I never wanna stop / Tasting heaven on your lips when you're kissing me / Baby even if I had an eternity / To give you all my love yeah / Forever ain't long enough / Oh, forever ain't long enough.

Now baby I can't apologize for keeping you up a little late past midnight / Sleep is way overrated in comparison to staring in your baby blues / Every sunset view wanna drag it out / It always ends too soon, my love.

Repeat Chorus

Forever ain't / Forever ain't / Forever ain’t.

Forever ain't / Forever ain't / Forever ain’t.

Repeat Chorus

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