Tim McGraw is back in America after he collapsed on stage toward the end of a performance at C2C Festival in Dublin on Sunday (March 10).

Paparazzi greeted him at the terminal of JFK Airport in New York City and pressed him for more information. Once again the singer cited dehydration and too much flying as the cause, later adding that he needs to cut back on his workouts. An edited clip published by the Blast shows McGraw and wife Faith Hill de-planing on Monday. She signs a few autographs as both hurry to a waiting car.

Tabloids have been drawn to the story, with London's Daily Mail publishing pictures of the singing couple exiting a building in Dublin on Monday morning (March 11). McGraw's giving a thumbs up in those pictures — a sign that he's doing okay. There is no indication that he's not on a road to recovery after dropping to his knees in front of the crowd following a performance of his hit song "Humble and Kind."

Watch as Tim McGraw Collapses in Dublin

After a lengthy break, Hill and the couple's band returned to the stage to explain what happened, adding that it was her decision not to allow McGraw to return to the stage. The crowd applauded enthusiastically and seemed to be in good spirits though the show ended early.

C2C Festival is a three-day, three-city country music festival. The couple had performed in Glasgow and London the previous two nights. They'll now enjoy some time off the road before resuming the Soul2Soul Tour in Richmond, Va. on May 31.

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