Americana artist Allison Pierce is premiering the music video for her new song “Drink One for You” exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play above to watch.

"Drink One for You" is a brooding, melancholy track, and its accompanying video features Miles as part of a couple who are two ships passing in the night. Filmed in an industrial space, the clip offers up a vintage vibe -- the perfect pairing for Pierce’s smoky vocals and the song’s lyrics, which are seated around a lonely night at the bar.

“Sinkin’ thanks to the gin / All this drinkin’ gets me started again,” Pierce sings in "Drink One for You." “To thinkin' 'What’s a poor girl to do?" / The waitress is closing the door, so I take it I won’t be drinkin’ no more.”

The "Drink One for You" video has exactly the kind of vibe that Pierce wanted to create for the song, which she says is inherently “lonely.” She adds, "It’s about an unfulfilled longing that is a beautiful, though heartbreaking, part of every life."

“I wanted there to be a deep sense of aloneness from each character, even when they were in the company of another person,” Pierce tells The Boot. “For me, the moment these two lonely people connect, there is a feeling of relief of a sadness that you didn’t even quite know you were feeling, but it is short lived, and in the end, they must go their own lonely way."

“Drink One for You” appears on Pierce’s latest album, Year of the Rabbit, which was released in May of this year. Produced by Ethan Johns, the record is Pierce's first solo project, after spending nearly two decades making musing with her sister, Catherine, as the Pierces; the duo is perhaps best know for their song "Secret," used as the theme song for the TV drama Pretty Little Liars.

Visit for more details about "Drink One for You," Year of the Rabbit and Pierce's upcoming concerts.

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