The Amazing Spider-Man‘ is just a few weeks away and today we have a new clip of Peter Parker showing off his skills. And as it turns out, Spider-Man is a baller.

This new ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ clip takes place inside the high school gym where Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) finally stands up to bully Flash Thompson. It all culminates with a slam dunk that would make Michael Jordan jealous.

Though this is the new ‘Spider-Man’ reboot, it’s similar to a scene from the first Sam Raimi film when Tobey Maguire first realizes his powers and uses it to fight back against Flash in the school hallway.

Now that we’ve seen an equal balance of Peter Parker and Spider-Man scenes, which aspect of the film do you think looks better? Frankly, we’re thinking anything to distract from the wonky Lizard CGI is a good thing…

‘Amazing Spider-Man’ hits theaters on July 3rd and you can watch the new clip below.

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