The bigger mystery surrounding American Horror Story Season 6 seems to be mystery itself, as several cast members have joined the as-yet-untitled fall 2016 return. FX has yet to provide any real explanation for the delay (the series will skip Comic-Con as well), though we at least have a fresh Season 6 logo that knows we’re onto it.

Where yesterday saw returning Hotel star Cheyenne Jackson cryptically confirming his Season 6 return (as well that wild horses couldn’t get him to reveal the plot), the official American Horror Story Twitter account changed its logo to a symbol befitting the mystery around Season 6.

American Horror Story Season 6 Logo

So, why the holdup? Ryan Murphy previously allowed Golden Globe-winner (sigh) Lady Gaga to reveal the Hotel theme herself, but given unlikelihood of the “Born This Way” singer taking a central role yet again, it may be that American Horror Story wishes to hold back its theme until the announcement of a new lead.

Also possible is that FX intended to announce Season 6’s central focus at an American Horror Story Emmy FYC event several weeks ago, though the event was canceled in the wake of Orlando’s tragic shootings. Any possible correlation there would also be pure speculation. We’ve also heard that Murphy had two writers rooms working on competing ideas, as well potentially related chatter of a spinoff, all of which could end up fodder for a larger, delayed announcement.

Thus far, American Horror Story Season 6 has extended open invitations for any and all past stars to return, including Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Denis O’Hare, Matt Bomer, Wes Bentley and Finn Wittrock. Murphy previously confirmed a shocking role in mind for Angela Bassett, while Lady Gaga has also been confirmed to recur in some capacity.

Thus far, little else of the sixth season has been revealed, other than to expect the premiere in fall, and that the season could take place in two different time periods.

Will FX provide Season 6 details before long? Is the unusual American Horror Story Season 6 reveal a consequence of taking the series to space? We're ready to know, Ryan!

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