Brett Young joins Ashley Cooke on a new duet version of her song "Never Til Now," and it takes the song to a new level.

In case you haven't noticed, country collaborations are a hot commodity in 2022. Joint projects including Jordan Davis and Luke Bryan's "Buy Dirt," "Freedom Was a Highway" from Jimmie Allen and Brad Paisley and "Drunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home)" by Elle King and Miranda Lambert are just a few of the songs that have already reached No. 1 this year. Most recently, Dierks Bentley, Breland and Hardy reached No. 1 with "Beers on Me."

So, it's not surprising that Cooke turned "Never Til Now" into a duet. The up-and-coming artist enlisted the help of country veteran Young, and the two trade verses about finding an unexpected love that changes your life before coming together on the chorus.

"Never Til Now" tells the story of a person who never though they would settle down. Despite the pressures of societal norms, a white picket fence was never in their plans. That is, until the right person came around and changed everything.

"I never wanted to tap my brakes / I never wanted to settle down / I was always one foot out the door / I never thought about turning 'round / Never saw myself with a white picket fence dug into the ground / Never 'til now," Cooke and Young sing in harmony.

The song is a part of Cooke's EP Already Drank that Beer — Side A, which she released in August of 2021. She first shared that Young would be joining her on the duet on March 29. In the video, Cooke teases fans about big news before Young pops into the frame. The two then share a little snippet of their work together.

Young has also been busy with his own music. He released a breakup song inspired by his now-wife Taylor called "You Didn't." Most recently he worked on a song for Mark Wahlberg's new movie, Father Stu. The film is now in theaters, and Young's "Long Way Home" is featured on the soundtrack.

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