Ashley Monroe has revealed another song from her upcoming album Sparrow, "Wild Love," which is yet another mellow, '70s-influenced tune that fits right in with the retro vibe she's seeming to pursue on this particular set.

It's also yet another unabashed exploration of her sensual side—which she kicked off with the sexy debut single, "Hands On You." This song isn't as blatantly carnal, but it speaks of desires such as someone to "pull my hair and call my name," all over honeyed strings and a faintly melancholy melody line.

“'Wild Love' was inspired by my first trip to London," Monroe explained on an Instagram post sharing the song. "I felt alive and a hunger to be wild, I suppose. [Co-writers] Brendan Benson and Waylon Payne helped take this idea to another level. I love the way this song makes me feel. Free."

Monroe has also been popping up in unexpected places, such as a concert by one of her favorite bands, the Steel Woods, Saturday night (April 7) in Bowling Green, Ky. She joined them on stage to cover Lynyrd Skynyrd's 1974 tune "I Need You."

Sparrow is Monroe's fourth album, and will be released April 20.

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