Aubrie Sellers has several shows with Tanya Tucker planned for 2020, and while she certainly admires the legend, she's not exactly starstruck. How could she be?

Sellers — whose new Far From Home album dropped last Friday (Feb. 7) — has known Tucker for years. The "Bring My Flowers Now" singer goes back a ways with Sellers' mother, Lee Ann Womack. Imagine your neighbor just popping in for a visit, if your neighbor was a little eccentric.

“She comes over to my parents house and literally will just show up with like 14 dogs and just start cooking in our kitchen,” Sellers tells Taste of Country Nights of Tucker, laughing at the picture she's painting. “She makes chicken fried steak from scratch and it’s so good. And I’m like, ‘Hey Tanya.’”

Sellers is one of the opening acts on Tucker's CMT Next Women of Country Tour, which goes into June. She's also not the only legend the relative newcomer has paired with recently. Steve Earle joins Sellers for "My Love With Not Change," a raw song on her new studio album. Watch her perform it above with boyfriend and guitarist Ethan Ballinger.

Far From Home is Sellers' second studio album, her first since the critically-acclaimed New City Blues in 2016.

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