Here's a great opportunity to help those children who have been identified for free or reduced lunches have snacks on the weekend.


This project idea is the brain child of a child herself. Markaila McCarkle chose this as her project for Jr. Teen Oklahoma Regency International Pageant.  Her idea was to help reduce weekend hunger.

Markaila and her mother, Lawton City Councilwoman Onreka Johnson submitted a grant for 200 backpacks and was approved! Now they are looking for snacks to fill these backpacks.  Their hope is that they can continue this project throughout the Summer at least two weekends a month.

Prepackaged snack items are needed today.  They will start packing backpacks on Thursday, April 22!  Of course, donations will be accepted after that as well, to prepare for the next time the backpacks go home.

Here are some ideas of snacks.  Individual bags of assorted chips, snack pack jellos or pudding, boxed raisins, crackers, fruit cups, etc.

Markaila is a sophomore at Lawton High, and has already had a lifetime of service to the Lawton Community accompanying her Mom on various projects.  This project was also a part of Global Youth Service Day, April 23-25.

For more information you can visit The Next Step, Inc.  Drop off locations include the Lawton Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce and Industry at 302 W. Gore Boulevard.


Dr. Krista Ratliff said that the Lawton Chamber is so happy to be a part of this project, and helping to get the word out the the citizens of Lawton Fort Sill.  They are also taking monetary donations.  They will immediately purchase snacks with your donation and forward a copy of the receipt so you will know how your donation was spent.

Please take a moment and grab a few extra snacks when you do your family shopping this week, and help reduce weekend hunger.

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