Singer-songwriter Becky Warren is premiering the music video for her song “Full of Bourbon” exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play above to watch.

“When I’m full of bourbon, I’m a non-stop rock 'n’ roll show / Everybody wants a seat right next to me in the front row,” Warren sings in her raspy alto in the chorus of "Full of Bourbon." It’s a track for those among us who get a little bit of extra courage — or maybe act a little bit like a fool — after too much good whiskey.

In the "Full of Bourbon" music video, solo shots of Warren dancing are interspersed among old-timey footage of a Roaring '20s card game. Warren’s dancing in the video is perhaps somewhat inspired by the whiskey she’s drinking, which was definitely real.

“I included the 20s-style gangsters because I felt ... they were probably drinking to get some distance from reality,” she explains. “I had to drink a fair amount of bourbon to shoot my part because I kept running out between takes.”

Despite its somewhat cheeky tone, "Full of Bourbon" is drawn from Warren’s own experiences as the spouse of a veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

“A big part of my motivation for writing [the album] War Surplus was to help people without military connections understand that veterans and their families are people just like the rest of us,” Warren tells The Boot. “Listeners will know from listening to the album that drinking becomes a problem for [my husband] Scott, an attempt to self-treat his PTSD. But I don't think you have to have experienced PTSD or even have a problem with drinking to understand what it's like to want to drink because it turns you into someone slightly different.”

“Full of Bourbon” appears on Warren’s newest album, War Surplus, released in September. Visit to learn more about the project and Warren herself.

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