It’s almost barbecue season, and that means that it’s time to step up your game.

Any fool can flip the switch on a gas grill or light some briquettes, and flip a burger or nudge a hot dog until it’s evenly cooked. Bor-ing. And who’s gonna be impressed? Nobody, that’s who.

Ah, but once your tastes have become slightly more sophisticated (thanks to us, ahem), you’ll realize that there’s not much more perfect a combo in life than beer, barbecue and chicken. And to help get you to this next level, we’ve found this cheap, handy beer can chicken holder that brings all three together in such a simple and delicious way that you will probably write us a thank-you note:

“Dear Sirs: I simply drank half a can of beer, then plopped it into this handy $6.95 holder I ordered from Amazon, and stuck the ass end of a whole chicken on top. Placed the whole contraption on the grill, and guess what? It didn’t fall over like when I tried this last summer using just a beer can, which doused the entire fire while the half-cooked chicken rolled off the grill and across the yard, only to be devoured by my college roommate’s bulldog. This thing held the beer can and the chicken squatting on top if it so steadily that an hour later, I was enjoying the second most delicious bird I’ve ever eaten. (Because those already-cooked ones that they sell at the grocery store are pretty freaking tasty.) Only problem now is that my friends think I can really cook, and they won’t leave my patio. Also, it’s a total waste of a perfectly good half-can of beer. But thanks anyway.”

You’re welcome!