Every Oklahoman loves a good onion burger! Although it's not the official state food, it's definitely a close second. But what restaurant in Oklahoma serves up the best onion burger?

If you're not familiar, Oklahoma's onion burger is one of the greats.

Recently, the Oklahoma onion burger has wildly increased across the country, maybe even the globe. But Oklahoma is the birth place of the iconic onion burger. It came about during the Great Depression. A local restaurant owner from El Reno found that if they mixed onions with the ground beef, they wouldn't have to use as much beef. Then the famous Oklahoma onion burger was born.

The Oklahoma onion burger is probably one of the most simple yet most delicious burgers you'll ever have. The ingredient list is sparce: buns, beef, onions and cheese. That's it. Perfection on a bun.

So who's making the best onion burger in Oklahoma?

The birth place of the Oklahoma onion burger is El Reno, so your assumption would be right if you're thinking the best onion burger is located in its hometown. There's a few options in El Reno for an onion burger, and many people have their opinion about which one is doing it the best.

But there are some places in Oklahoma City that are serving some top tier onion burgers. So El Reno has some competition outside its city limits.

We recently came across a Reddit thread of Okies giving their opinion of the best onion burger in Oklahoma. Check out the top suggestions below.

Here's where to get the best onion burger in Oklahoma.

Sid's Diner - El Reno, Oklahoma

One of the highly suggested onion burger eateries on the thread. So if you're on the hunt for an authentic Oklahoma onion burger, you may want to stop here first.

Nic's Grill - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Nic's Grill comes highly recommended for onion burgers outside of El Reno. They may have it all going on at Nic's because this is also Guy Fieri's favorite place in Oklahoma.

J&W Grill - Chickasha, Oklahoma

If you're looking for an Oklahoma onion burger outside the OKC metro area, then J & W Grill in Chickasha is the most recommended.

Tucker's Onion Burger - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

It's in the name, so you know it's good. And the people love it, too. We'd call it a win.

Sun Cattle Co. - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

It's a newer establishment in Oklahoma City, but it has already earned a reputation of having a delicious onion burger.

Didn't see your favorite onion burger joint on the list?

Send us a message on the app and let us know where the best onion burger is in Oklahoma!

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