Duane Dog the Bounty Hunter Chapman urged his fans and social media followers to pay tribute to his late wife, Beth Chapman, in a very specific way. The reality television star died one year ago Friday, after a battle with cancer.

Beth Chapman's June 26, 2019, death was a surprise to her family, even though they knew her Stage IV cancer was terminal and that her condition was worsening. In the hours, days and months following, they'd share intimate details of her last hours, including her final words.

The Chapmans speak of Beth's love of hikes in the hills and mountains of Hawaii. That's one way fans are paying tribute to the late reality star.

Dog Chapman Reveals Beth Chapman's Last Words

"Go on a walk, hike and take a picture. Let's make it viral," Duane Chapman urged on Instagram. His daughter, Cecily, is also hosting a tribute at 5:30PM local time on Friday. The paddle-out is similar to how they paid tribute to Beth when she died last summer.

"Post a picture on all your social media accounts using the #fortheloveofbeth hashtag!!!! Please share and spread the word!" Duane furthers.

Cecily led the way, but several fans have followed.

Beth Chapman was 51 years old when she died in Hawaii. Her 2-year-long cancer battle was very public, even to the point of being filmed for playback during the Chapmans' new reality television series, Dog's Most Wanted, on WGN. Her passing wrapped the first and only season of the show, but throughout Mrs. Dog (as she became known) chased crooks while receiving treatment to ease the pain.

It's been a turbulent year for Dog. He never stepped out of the public spotlight as he promoted the show last summer and fall. A heart condition led to his own hospitalization and several unexpected encounters followed, like a feud with his daughters, a rumored relationship with a family friend that led to a faux proposal on television, and a sudden engagement to Francie Frane, a fellow widower from Colorado. The pair are to be married after the coronavirus pandemic scales back, and Chapman says he hopes to find a way to include his fans in the wedding.

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