If Billy Currington can't dance, he's going to have to learn before playing his new song "Bring It on Over" live. The country vet would look awfully silly just standing there during this pop-friendly romper.

The 44-year-old doesn't leave his intentions and yearnings to sly innuendo during this first taste of his next studio album. There is a recognizable adolescence in the way he reveals his universal urges. A promise of all-night passion is made. The wine is poured and the satin sheets revealed as he sings "I know that key’s under the mat / So girl, just stay right where you’re at / Be right beside you just like that / I want you so bad."

"Bring It on Over" fits well with Currington's catalog of feel-good summertime or lovers' anthems. He's a singer who knows what he does well and finds ways to repeat it with every new album without ever duplicating something he's done previously. The call-back post chorus is what differentiates "Bring It on Over" from his long list of hits and anything else on the radio. We'll imagine a modern day Four Tops snapping along behind him, singing "Got to, got to get you closer."

Did You Know?: Currington's "Bring It on Over" was written by the Peach Pickers (Dallas Davidson, Ben Hayslip, Rhett Akins), a trio of songwriters that dominated country radio three to five years ago. Jesse Frasure also co-wrote the song.

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Billy Currington's "Bring It on Over" Lyrics:

Baby, I can’t stop thinking ‘bout last night / Still taste your kiss, still taste the wine / Trying to turn this ten-minute drive to five / Oh, I’ve been day dreaming about you all day long / Radio’s been playing all our songs / Just read your message on my phone, it’s turning me on.

When you say you need me / And you just got to see me / And all you want is me right now / Oh baby, just wait a minute / If you’re in the bed stay in it / I’m about to dive on in it / Got to, got to get you closer / I’m about to bring it on over.

Twist you up in them satin sheets / I bet you don’t get no sleep / I’m getting closer / Make a little love to a Motown beat / Catching your groove with me / I’m about to bring it on over.

I know that key’s under the mat / So girl, just stay right where you’re at / Be right beside you just like that / I want you so bad / Girl, let’s pick up where we left off / A little more love, a lot less talk / About to hear my footsteps down your hall / Hang on.

Wanna see our shadows on the wall / Wanna see your beautiful body / Ain’t nobody gonna stop me / I’m about to bring it on over.

Bring it on over, yeah, bring it on over, bring it on over.

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