Billy Gilman’s “My Way” was an emotional, powerful start to The Voice season finale. The former country singer set the bar high with a ranging, cathartic and almost angry version of Frank Sinatra’s most famous song.

A soft verse verse was delivered with a gleaming eyes. Gilman wore a snow white tuxedo as he performed the Sinatra standard. Slowly the song built, through a chorus and into a stirring final verse and chorus. A vein just above the singer’s right eye bulged as he held onto soaring final notes. Judges like Miley Cyrus looked dumbfounded. The crowd gave him the response he was looking for and finally, after softly singing “Yes it was, my way,” Gilman broke down into tears.

“I thought you were gonna lose it at the end, and you kind of did which was beautiful,” Gilman’s coach Adam Levine said before recapping his journey. Regardless of the outcome, he said, “How do you not feel like you just won The Voice?”

Gilman is one of four remaining finalists of Season 11 of NBC’s hit reality show. The final performance night is Monday night, before a new winner is crowned on Tuesday. Gilman scored country hits as an 11-year-old, but once his voice began to change he was dropped from his record deal. In 2014 he came out as gay, and has focused on pop music mostly since performing on The Voice.

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