Get those halls ready for a decking, because Blake Shelton‘s Christmas album has a release date! Appropriately titled ‘Cheers, It’s Christmas’ — presumably for the singer’s love of drinking — the holiday-themed release will be ready for your stocking pleasures on October 2.

In addition to featuring some more traditional Christmas favorites, the album will have a special duet with Shelton and ‘The Voice’ advisor Michael Buble, as well as songs with his longtime friend and fellow country hitmaker Reba McEntire and the singer’s loving mother, Dorothy Shackleford.

Shelton and Buble have reworked ‘Home’ — a Buble original that the country star covered in 2008 — for ‘Cheers, It’s Christmas.’ The two talented singers have made the song about Christmas because, after all, what’s more Christmas-y than coming home for holidays?

Fans of the ‘Over’ hitmaker can expect a real teal-jerker from Shelton’s duet with his mom. Together, the pair will perform an original song co-written by the country star about the special women in his life. If that’s not the greatest Christmas gift a son could give to his mother, then we don’t know what is.

Surely that song about special women will include a shout-out to Shelton’s country singer wife Miranda Lambert, who just happened to come up with the title for her husband’s holiday release. At least, that’s what she hinted at on Twitter on Monday, posting, “Cheers, It’s Christmas!” Such a clever title. Someone really awesome must have thought of that name:)!”

Shelton shared the album cover with his fans, joking that “clearly someone left the door open” to let all of the snow in. We’ll admit that it’s not the best cover art we’ve seen — but what’s that phrase? Oh, right. Never judge an album by its cover. We have a feeling Shelton will provide a great soundtrack for getting into the holiday spirit. Or spirits.

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