Blake Shelton reveals in a new interview that there was a time when he'd lost interest in touring.

This may come as a surprise coming from the country star who has decided to hit the road as soon as possible after a pandemic-induced touring lull with his Friends and Heroes Tour in 2021.

However, it took reimagining his touring life in order for his excitement to come back. In 2012, as he entered the second season of The Voice and tried to balance that with touring, he was burned out and needed a change.

"I was touring full time, or as much as I could, and it became too much, it was too much for me personally," Shelton tells Kelleigh Bannen in an interview with Today's Country Radio on Apple Music Country. "I mean, there was never a day off, it was just crazy, and I started resenting touring a little bit. I was like, 'Oh my God, what is the point, what are we doing? I'm not enjoying it anymore.'"

That's when he knew he needed to scale back. Shelton says that since 2013, he's probably played 25 shows a year.

"That's obviously not very many for any artist that is trying to maintain that touring profile," he admits.

"But what it has done is, it's kept me so excited about when I go on stage now," he tells Bannen. "It's like, 'Hey, we get to go be country stars this month.' And it's so exciting, and it's something that I look forward to, I really do."

Shelton hits the road again on Aug. 18. Until then, fans can stream the "Minimum Wage" singer's newest album Body Language, which dropped on May 21.

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