Bobby Bare's new Great American Saturday Night album will include a rebel-rouser that's perhaps even more relevant today than it was when he first recorded it. Listen to "The Day All the Yes Men Said No" during this Taste of Country premiere of a song from the Country Music Hall of Famer's next album.

The 13 songs on Great American Saturday Night were originally recorded in 1978, but never released. It's a live album, so the crowd is an integral part of the production. Their energy fuels Bare as he sings "Corporal Tommy Edwards, training new recruits / He put down his rifle, said it feels like s--t to shoot," during the second verse.

Each short, smartly-penned verse is a slice of the American experience, then and now. Shel Silverstein wrote the entire concept album for Bare, and his wit can be heard mingling with acoustic and steel guitar across each track. This song celebrates those who take a stand for what's right, especially when it's not popular.

"And their voices rolled like thunder through the stinking city streets / 'Til the buildings, they all shook down to their stones / And rolled across the mountains and it echoed across the sea / The day that all the yes men said no," Bare sings at the chorus.

Listen for a tip of the hat to Bare contemporary Johnny Paycheck early on. Great American Saturday Night is set for release on April 17.

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