Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, as well as the songwriters and publishers of their 2011 hit "Remind Me," have defeated a copyright lawsuit from singer-songwriter Amy Bowen.

On Thursday (Aug. 25), a federal judge ruled in favor of Paisley, Underwood and the others, citing, among other reasons, "broader dissimilarities in context, structure, mood, melody and harmony," as well as differing moods and themes, between Paisley and Underwood's "Remind Me" and a song by Bowen -- known professionally as Lizza Conner -- also titled "Remind Me."

In 2013, Bowen filed a copyright claim, alleging that Paisley and Underwood's "Remind Me" was lifted from one of her own compositions. Bowen claimed that, in 2008, she wrote her song "Remind Me" and later played it as part of a 14-week songwriting workshop; the class included a panel of several professional songwriters, including Kelley Lovelace and Chris DuBois, who, along with Paisley, are co-writers of the No. 1, platinum-selling hit "Remind Me." Bowen says that she played the song as part of a critique session and was told it would work well as a duet.

Bowen's $10 million suit claimed that Paisley and Underwood's "Remind Me" was ripped off from her earlier tune -- specifically, the phrases "remind me" and "baby, remind me" -- and after Bowen's initial filing, a Nashville judge ruled that the case had merit and sent it to trial. In early 2014, Paisley and Underwood disputed the claims, and DuBois counter-sued.

The judge's full ruling in favor of Paisley, Underwood and company is available online, via the Hollywood Reporter.

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