When the ominous recorded message coming from a parked RV in downtown Nashville warned residents to evacuate on Christmas morning 2020, local musician Buck McCoy didn't hear what it was saying clearly...and so he decided to go back to sleep.

He definitely heard the explosion that followed, however, and woke up to find his apartment totally devastated.

“Just the most loud explosion I’ve ever heard," McCoy told local news. "It seemed like it took a few minutes to gather my senses and then I just walked around and everything was just a mess, blown up scattered glass everywhere to the point where I cut my feet and there was blood.”

Luckily, McCoy walked away with his life, but pretty much everything else was gone, including his beloved cat, Molly, who disappeared in the blast. However, he got some neighborly love from fellow Nashvillians...including a special gift from a prominent one.

Brad Paisley heard about the terrible losses McCoy, who plays with his band at downtown honky tonk Legends Corner, suffered, and decided to help out by gifting him a brand-new guitar so he can get back to work.

According to TMZ, Paisley became aware of McCoy's situation when news broadcasted the miraculous discovery of McCoy's cat Molly—who authorities found hiding, injured but alive, under the bedcovers while investigating his apartment—and the subsequent reunion with her owner.

Paisley additionally posted a link on social media to the GoFundMe organized for McCoy's expenses, and offered up unlimited groceries from his free store, Brad's Place, to further help the performer get back on his feet.

"Hey y’all, let’s help Buck," Paisley wrote on Facebook. "It’s Nashville. That’s what we do."

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