Brad Paisley joined Jimmy Kimmel on his talk show on Tuesday night (Aug. 6) to welcome a group of immigrants to America, and he wrote a special new song for the occasion.

"Our president is building walls and telling people to go back where they came from," Kimmel said in introducing the segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! "And with all that happening, it's important to remember that many people still dream of becoming Americans. Every week, immigrants from countries all around the world take the oath of citizenship."

Noting that those ceremonies take place in drab circumstances including libraries, classrooms and courthouses, Kimmel says, "I think becoming an American should be more exciting than a trip to the DMV."

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Los Angeles Kings announcer Dave Joseph joins Kimmel for the segment, dramatically announcing the name of each new American as they are spotlighted entering the stage to the cheers of the crowd. Immigrants from Tunisia, Pakistan, the Phillippines, Poland and more take the stage to the strains of Neil Diamond's "Coming to America" before Kimmel announces Paisley.

"Now that you are officially citizens of the United States there are so many amazing opportunities available to you," he tells the group of new Americans. "And I could go through them all, or we could have three-time Grammy Award-winning musician Brad Paisley come out and share them with you in song."

Paisley takes the stage with just his guitar and a mic, singing a humorous song about the benefits of being an American.

"Congratulations citizens, we're happy that you're here / Come on in and take a load off, and grab yourself an ice-cold beer," he begins, before going into a list that includes wearing Crocs and socks, dressing up your dog like Lady Gaga and marrying a Kardashian.

Paisley ends the song by segueing into "My Country 'Tis of Thee" as an actor takes the stage in a bald eagle suit sporting a red, white and blue top hat, flapping his wings as he dances around to welcome the group of newly minted citizens. Click on the video at the top of the post to watch the humorous, but emotional segment.

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