If you ask, you shall receive. Brad Paisley asked fans to send him their worst-ever selfies, and they did -- with gusto. The country superstar used the submissions to put together a music video for his new song, "Selfie#TheInternetIsForever;" readers can watch it above.

Paisley's "Selfie#TheInternetIsForever" clip begins with a (fake) Public Service Announcement -- and then, with his signature humor, Paisley sings, "You oughta be ashamed of your selfie," while fans' selfies pop up ... again and again. Blurred body parts, photobombs and funeral selfies (yes, you read that correctly) can all be found in the compilation of photos and videos, with some of Paisley's own footage interspersed in between.

"Your grandmother's in an open casket / You're in a suit and shades / You take your iPhone out, and you snap it / #SadDay," Paisley begins in "Selfie#TheInternetIsForever." The song's lyrics sound ridiculous, until you realize that you -- or someone else you know -- has one of those selfies about which Paisley is singing.

"Posing in the bathroom mirror, a skimpy little two-piece / In the background, there's a toddler, cryin' on the toilet seat," Paisley continues, adding a play on words: "You oughta be ashamed of your selfie."

In addition to plenty of fans, Paisley's wife of 14 years, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, appears in the "Selfie#TheInternetIsForever" music video ... with a hilarious photobomb from her husband. The singer himself also reveals his (blurred) bare bottom, poking a little fun at the trend of taking selfies in bathroom mirrors.

"You oughta take that stick and break it in half / Show a little sense, show a little class," Paisley continues in the song. "You took it of your face / But you know you're really showing your a--."

A tongue-in-cheek, laugh-out-loud, embarrassingly accurate song, "Selfie#TheInternetIsForever" comes from Paisley's 11th studio album, Love and War. Last summer, he was playing versions of the song on tour.

Paisley's first single from Love and War, “Today,” dropped in October of 2016. He's also shared "Heaven South" in advance of the record's release on April 27. All 16 tracks on Love and War were co-written by Paisley; the project features Mick Jagger, Bill AndersonJohnny Cash and more as co-writers.

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