Consider Brandon Ray's "Bring Your Love Back" his fast-track to superstardom.

The newcomer has toured in various bands over the past several years, but this infectious single puts his name in the spotlight and leaves it there. The Texas native received early airplay from national country deejay Bobby Bones, but give Ray full credit for etching himself into Summer 2018's list of must-haves.

The two-minute "Bring Your Love Back" grabs your attention immediately. Ray's sultry vocals keeps you along for the ride, and when it speeds up, you're in for the long haul. Hand-snapped rhythms coupled with a singable chorus make this a summer jam begged to be played on repeat.

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Ray wrote the song with Kelly Archer and Nathan Spicer and tells Taste of Country he wanted to write something that stood out. "I was really wanting to just write something different," he says.

"Being an up-and-coming artist, I needed something that stands out and catches people," he adds. "To me, I feel like 'Bring Your Love Back' does just that. Playing it out on the road, seeing and hearing all the reactions, I knew I had to release it!"

Ray has some hefty support behind him, as well. Keith Urban, Ross Copperman and Joe Fisher at Boom Music serve as executive producers on this project, while Nathan Spicer and Christian Paschall produced and mixed.

Did You Know? Shortly after Ray moved to Nashville, he got a gig playing guitar for Brett Eldredge while the now-star was opening for Taylor Swift on her Red Tour.

Brandon Ray's "Bring Your Love Back" Lyrics:

I just miss your perfume / I just miss the way you walked around this room / In my t-shirt / I can’t tell you how much it hurts / I just miss your lips / I just miss your fingertips on my skin / All I’m wishing


Is for you to bring your love back / Show up at my door at midnight / Fall into the past / We could pretend we didn’t end with a bad goodbye / And tears in our eyes / I just miss you tonight / So bring your love back

Don’t wanna say nothing / Just wanna let our bodies do the talkin / And get lost in / The history between you and me

So bring your love back


I just miss your perfume / I just miss the way you walked around this room

So bring your love back


Even if it’s a lie / So bring your love back

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