Brandy Clark has announced the upcoming release of a live album, recorded in Los Angeles, Calif., during a performance at Hotel Cafe. Appropriately titled Live From Los Angeles, the project follows Clark's sophomore album, 2016's Big Day in a Small Town

Clark's Live From Los Angeles album was originally released as a Record Store Day exclusive in April, with only 2,500 copies pressed on vinyl; however, Clark has now decided to share the record more widely. Live From Los Angeles will showcase some of the songs from Big Day in a Small Town and Clark's freshman album, 12 Stories, as well as some new music, including the unreleased song "When I Get to Drinkin'."

Clark's set at Hotel Cafe was her second time at the venue, and she says she really took advantage of the spot.

“A lot of times we’ll record shows if we have the ability to, and the Hotel Café has the ability to,” the artist says in an interview with the LA Times. “I had played there earlier, and it was such a good vibe and such a cool room that we recorded the show when we went back. It turned out better than we had hoped for.”

That's a good thing, especially considering that Clark has pretty high standards following the release of Big Day in a Small Town. 

"I believe in that record so much," she says. "To me, it’s a good bar for what I do next. I want to keep the bar high and keep raising it, but [be] doing things that move me and that move other people."

Live in Los Angeles will be available digitally on Aug. 18. For more details and tour information, check out Clark's website.

Brandy Clark, Live From Los Angeles Track Listing:

1. "Drinkin', Smokin', Cheatin'"
2. "Stripes"
3. "Big Day in a Small Town"
4. "Hold My Hand"
5. "Daughter"
6. "Love Can Get to Hell"
7. "Girl Next Door"
8. "Get High"
9. "When I Get to Drinkin'"
10. "Since You've Gone to Heaven"
11. "Pray to Jesus"

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