Brett Eldredge wanted a change in scenery when recording his third studio album -- so, he found a castle. The country star recorded his forthcoming set of tunes in a Nashville studio called Castle Recording Studios, and although it's not an actual castle, it certainly looks like one.

"[Producer Ross Copperman] and I were like, ‘Let’s switch it up. We’ve been recording at the same place for a long time now; let’s try somewhere different," Eldredge tells The Boot. "Who doesn’t want to record in a castle? It’s in the middle of the country. It’s a legendary studio. It’s a great studio -- a lot of history to it. It just makes you want to record great music, and that’s what we’ve been doing, and it’s been a really special experience."

Eldredge revealed on Tuesday (May 9) that his self-titled new album will be out on Aug. 4.

"This is the most time we’ve ever spent on a record, trying to get it just right," Eldredge admits. "I feel like that third album is that sweet spot, and I think we’ve found that sweet spot with this. I think we’ve spent more time just trying to perfect it as much as possible.

"And really, I think it goes much deeper into lyrics than I’ve ever gone. I think it goes melodically deeper than I’ve ever gone," Eldredge continues. "It’s an extension of what I’ve done before, but as you can see with the first single, ["Somethin' I'm Good At"], I’m not afraid to try new things and grow, and show that I’m not just here -- but at the same time, I want to throw some curve balls at you, and some surprises."

Eldredge says that his goal, musically, is to keep listeners on their toes: "I never want you to know what's coming next," he says, "because it's not fun that way."

"You’ve got to be spontaneous and mix it up some, and I feel that, with this record, it has some of that, but [there are] also just some big heartbreakers in there, and there’s some deeper lyrics on love and what I’m looking for in love and stuff like that," Eldredge continues. "It is much deeper than anything we’ve done yet, and I’m excited about that."

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