Brett Young makes an adorable love story out of his baseball journey in the video for his current single, "Catch."

The video, which is semi-autobiographical of he and wife Taylor Mills' story, opens with Young stepping onto an empty baseball field, the stadium lights shining as he makes his way to the pitcher's mound.

As he throws the ball, the screen transitions to a flashback of a factious version of his younger self wearing the baseball uniform of his alma mater Ole Miss — where the video was filmed — throwing a ball during a college try out. During one of the games, he catches the eye of a young woman in the crowd. The two connect after the game and a sweet love story unfolds, Young waiting for her on the steps outside of class with sandwiches in hand while she supports him at each game.

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The singer references the elbow injury that stopped him from playing baseball professionally when his doppelgänger throws his arm out during one of the games, capturing the sadness and frustration that came with the disappointing news. The video comes full circle with the real Young back in the stadium, playing catch with a young boy. They walk across the field as audio of a crowd cheering plays overhead and the announcer introduces him "ladies and gentlemen, Big Machine recording artist Brett Young." He leaves us with a piece of wisdom as the video fades to a black screen with the Yiddish proverb, "Man plans. God laughs."

"I think it's opposite of what we're used to, where a guy goes into a bar not trying to meet a girl and gets blown away by accident," Young tells Taste of Country about the song.

The rising star recently celebrated his fifth consecutive No. 1 with "Here Tonight."

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