Brooke Eden is done hiding her real-life love story. Her new "Got No Choice" music video stars the singer and her girlfriend, Hilary Hoover, showing the pair enjoying a carefree day on the water.

"Two months ago, you had me hooked at 'hello'," Eden sings, confessing that the connection she felt was immediate. That was the case in real life, too: Eden and Hoover, who works in music promotion, met during the first week of Eden's radio tour.

"I, I ain't got no choice but to love you / Got no choice but to love you ...," Eden sings in the chorus. Adds a bridge, "Ain't no way, ain't no how / Ain't no way I could shut this down / Ain't no way I could live without you ..."

Early on in their relationship, Eden and Hoover were advised to keep it a secret "if I wanted to keep my career in country music," the singer explained in January. In early 2020 or so, the couple decided to start sharing more of their relationship on social media, though without an official announcement until earlier this year.

"I fell in love with someone when I least expected it and had to learn to follow my heart and not listen to what anyone else had to say," Eden shares in a press release about "Got No Shade."

"I wrote this song about not being able to choose who you love, even if it doesn’t 'fit on paper.' This is an anthem for anyone who has had to stand up for their love or just wants to shout it from the rooftops!"

"Got No Choice" is the final of three new songs Eden planned to release in 2021, following "Sunroof" and "No Shade." It's her first new music since 2017, after triumphing over heartbreak and meeting her "soulmate," solving a health issue and finding a sound that melds her love of country music, 1960s and '70s soul and pop, with an assist from producer Jesse Frasure.

"He's from Detroit, so he's got that kind of Motown soul, the roots of that," Eden says of Frasure. "I can literally say, 'I'm feeling this,' and he would be able to put it into music."

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