It’s almost hard to believe what Brothers Osborne have been through in their effort to release their third studio album, Skeletons — but it’s all true. In a new interview with Taste of Country Nights, the country duo explains how both a natural disaster and a global pandemic have affected the making of their latest project.

John and TJ Osborne were in the middle of recording Skeletons when a tornado tore through Nashville at the beginning of March. At the time, TJ Osborne remembers, "We were almost finished with the record, only a couple of days of work left."

"Producer Jay Joyce, that we work with, has this awesome church that we record music in. [The tornado] just missed the studio," he adds.

As rebuilding began, though, so did the spread of the coronavirus in the United States. The worldwide declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic left the brothers in quarantine and unable to keep working.

“It was driving us crazy,” TJ Osborne continues. “This record was so freaking close to being finished, and all we needed to do was get back in there to wrap it up for a couple of days.

“We just sat for months with it just sitting there and sitting there,” he recalls.

Finally, Brothers Osborne were able to put those finishing touches on their album, which includes their current single "All Night.” Even that song's release had to be delayed, they reveal.

“We were supposed to release this single months ago, and now everything is kind of tentative now with all of this corona stuff,” TJ Osborne explains. "It’s the music business. It’s unpredictable.”

Skeletons is due out on Friday (Oct. 9).

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