Cam's striking song "Diane" is accompanied by an equally compelling video, and she had a surprising source of inspiration when making the project.

During a stop at the Taste of Country Nights studio, Cam told host Sam Alex how she admires rapper Kendrick Lamar's artistic style — especially his music videos. Cam's manager, Lindsay Marias, is good friends with Lamar's manager, and the two artists talked about Lamar's visual projects when Cam was readying her own "Diane" video.

"'How do you pull off these amazing videos, these videos are visually just so beautiful,'" Cam says, recalling the conversation about his work. "And he was just like, 'Go back and look at the early videos, they weren't good and we got better.'"

"They have all these little ways that they get into the space and what they control and what they write. It was really nice to get a clear vision," she admits.

The "Diane" video is tense — a wife and mistress discover that the man they love has been unfaithful to them both — but offers this unique pain in a gentle, beautiful way. Cam wrote and created the concept she felt best portrayed the song, and she was protective in telling the story the way she felt was right.

"We worked with a director who's so great at just making the whole thing come together in a really beautiful way," she says. "It's my story, I want to tell it the way I want to tell it visually. There's not a lot of women on the radio right now and especially a woman talking to another woman, having that be the thing, I felt like it was really important."

"Diane" is the first single release off of Cam's forthcoming sophomore album.

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