Carly Pearce's second full-length studio album is coming in 2020. The self-titled album will feature "Closer to You" and her duet with Lee Brice, "I Hope You're Happy Now."

While Pearce didn't include a track list in an announcement on social media, she did indicate that Busbee was at the helm. The producer and songwriter also produced her Every Little Thing album and co-wrote "Every Little Thing," her first No. 1 hit. The 43-year-old died in September after a short battle with a rare form of cancer, and Pearce says she'll dedicate this album to him.

"The last full record he made & one that I am so very proud of," she adds at the end of her Instagram caption. "Thank you for bringing these songs to life. I can’t wait to honor you and hear/see how people connect to what we created."

Carly Pearce will be released on Feb. 14, 2020 and cover the ups and downs in her life since releasing Every Little Thing in 2017. "So much has happened to me in the last few years," she writes. "Y’all have changed my life and given my music a home in this world. I grew up, let go of things that needed to go, fell in love, fell on my face, went through some hell and found “Carly” fully for the first time EVER."

Most public of her many changes is a marriage to fellow country singer Michael Ray. The pair wed in October after nearly two years of dating. They've previously said they have a duet on her next album, but whether the song made the final cut is unknown. "I Hope You're Happy Now" is just outside the Top 40 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

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