Carrie Underwood left Wednesday night's CMT Video Awards show with The Buckle in hand for Video Of The Year (See You Again) but was most on her mind was what was on her arm -- husband Mike Fisher.

Underwood told People Magazine "It's pretty rare that he gets to go to an awards show with me. This show is not during the regular season for hockey, so it's nice to have that extra support." The former American Idol Winner told the magazine that four years into wedded bliss, Fisher knows how to calm her nerves. "If I'm nervous, he'll be like, 'C'mon, you have nothing to be nervous about. Just go do what you do and take a deep breath and say a little prayer and you're good to go.' Just being able to get a little kiss and go about my way, it definitely has a calming effect.

She then smirked and admitted, "It's nice to have a little man candy on my arm! He's my most awesome accessory."

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