Carrie Underwood has given fans so much joy this holiday — she recently released her My Gift Christmas album and TV special — but the singer says she's not spectacular at buying gifts for her family.

That might register a shock for devotees of the seasoned country music star, who seems to have it down pat as both the consummate performer and the cool mom. But, believe it or not, the 2020 ACM Awards joint Entertainer of the Year winner and American Idol alum admitted to her inferior gift-giving ways in a recent roundtable interview in which Taste of Country Nights took part.

"I am not a good gift-giver," Underwood explains. "I feel like I get very overwhelmed. So I'll go to look online — especially this year, I feel like everybody is doing a lot more shopping online — and there are too many options. My brain is like, 'I don't know, I don't know, I don't know!'"

With that said, don't think that the performer's two children, 5-year-old Isaiah and 23-month-old Jacob, aren't getting what they desire at Christmastime. Carrie makes sure that the little ones have plenty.

"My kids, especially Isaiah now, he'll just tell me what he wants," Underwood says. "Which isn't that much. He wants little things, like, I think he wanted a Spider-Man water bottle. So that makes it kind of easy. And we always look for things to get the kids outdoors, and they have plenty of toys. Not because we buy them, but I feel like other people buy them toys — so they don't need any more toys!"

She continues, "We try to keep it simple. Usually, my husband and I are like, 'You don't get me anything, I don't get you anything. We're good.' We're together; that's all we need. I'll make dinner — there's my present. And that's also my present for myself because I love to cook."

But what about Underwood's parents?

"My mom tells me what she wants," the singer adds. "My dad always says he doesn't want anything, and he's really hard to buy for. So I usually just get him comfy clothes."

The singer may not be great with the gift ideas, but it sure seems like everyone in the Underwood clan is getting what they what.

But while she downplayed any gift exchange she makes with her man, Underwood's husband, Mike Fisher, seems quite adept when it comes to providing presents for his wife. This year, the singer requested cows — yes, actual cows — as part of her Christmas list, and, boy howdy, did Fisher deliver.

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