While most of us are posting sweet-natured photos and tributes to commemorate Mother's Day (May 13), Carrie Underwood chose to take a humorous take on the holiday.

The superstar shared a photo of her attire for the day—which consists of a t-shirt with a logo that spells it out like it is: "Don't Mess With Mama."

Underwood's humor came into play by explaining why exactly this shirt means diddly squat—which many mamas can definitely relate to! Her son (with husband Mike Fisher), Isaiah, is only 3 years old, and as we all know, kids of that age aren't exactly keen on following directions, even on a special day.

"My shirt for today...unfortunately, my kid can’t read, so I have, indeed, been messed with. Pretty sure he put yogurt in my hair and I am currently being forced to watch Fraggle Rock (he loves the classics)," Underwood jokingly grumbled. "Oh well, I’ve got coffee and some squirmy cuddles, so it’s all good! Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!"

We're pretty sure Underwood will get some sort of treat from her loving boys. Mike Fisher's recent season-ending injury will necessitate some time at home, and how better to spend it than spoiling his wife?

Underwood needs to rest while she can, too. She has a emotional new studio album called Cry Pretty is coming in September. She debuted the title track, "Cry Pretty," as the first single from the project at the ACM Awards last month.

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