As rumors buzz on the media networks about who will be filling the shoes on ‘American Idol’ for the new judges, many country names were tossed around, including Brad Paisley and Keith Urban, the latter of which has been thisclose to confirmed.

‘Idol’ alumni and fan of the show, Carrie Underwood, is pulling for her country singing pals, hoping that one of them will take the slot for her sake, as well as the rest of America who loves their country music!

“I feel like we’ve heard about every artist’s name under the sun as far as who’s going to be a judge,” laughs Underwood (quote via the Tennessean). “I do think it would be wise to have a country person. If you look at the track record of ‘American Idol,’ there’s me and Scotty [McCreery] and Lauren [Alaina] who were in the final two. It makes sense. There’s obviously a want for it from the ‘American Idol’ watching audience — because that’s who they’re voting for — so it makes sense that they would have somebody that they know and love be a judge. I think all the names that they’ve thrown out for the country music people to come in have been really solid names. I’m excited like everyone else to see who it’s going to be.”

Kelly Clarkson also recently voiced her opinion on which country star she’d like to see on the panel, ironically enough, her choice was Underwood.

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