Carrie Underwood's husband, Mike Fisher, turned to Instagram to share an adorable video of their younger son, Jacob, that will brighten even the darkest day.

Fisher posted the video below on Sunday, Aug. 30, showing 1-year-old Jacob riding his precious little green Power Wheels ATV on what looks like is probably the family's lawn, laughing gleefully as their dog, Zero, runs alongside him.

The dog's tongue lolls from his mouth as he chases Jacob on his child-sized vehicle, and he cuts him off several times, causing the boy to laugh repeatedly in a way that evidently touched his dad just as much as it did his social media followers. You can hear Fisher let out a chuckle from behind the camera toward the end of the video, and he captioned the clip, "The laugh..."

Fisher also responded humorously when one Instagram follower asked him why Jacob wasn't wearing a helmet while driving the vehicle, writing, "That would be the equivalent of you wearing a helmet running on the grass," along with a laughing emoji. "Sorry but I had to," Fisher added, finishing with the hashtag #powerwheels.

Underwood and Fisher have two sons, 5-year-old Isaiah and Jabob, who was born on Jan. 21. 2019. They have been sharing photos and videos of some of the highlights of their extended family time with the boys since the coronavirus pandemic started, including Underwood baking cookies and muffins with her two boys and Fisher roughhousing with both of the kids. Fisher also taught Isaiah a turkey call, which Underwood admitted was not her favorite thing about being cooped up in the house with them.

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