In his latest project, Casey James proves that in addition to his singing and songwriting skills, the man knows how to act on camera, too. James just released the emotionally-charged video for ‘Crying on a Suitcase,’ which fits in perfectly with the heart-wrenching song. As the second single from James’ self-titled debut album, it’s sure to turn some heads.

The video opens with a shot of James standing alone in a bathroom, staring into the mirror. Judging by his shaggy hair and tired eyes, he’s contemplating a seriously sad situation. As the video cuts to a montage of the singer hiking, dancing, and taking photos with a beautiful girl, it’s easy to see that James is playing the forlorn lover of a girl who has left him. Sure enough, the video shows the two once-lovebirds arguing until the beautiful brunette picks up her suitcase and walks out the door.

Unfortunately, there’s no happy ending to the three-minute clip — only an open-ended one. The video closes with a series of shots of James playing an emotionally-wrought guitar solo. Before the last scene, he picks up his keys and drives away — maybe to go get his girl back? It’s hard to say.

“This is the first opportunity I’ve had to ‘play a character’ in a video,” James shared in a statement. “My focus is always the music, but it was a lot of fun working outside my comfort zone. I wanted to make sure that the small amount of acting would be believable, and I feel like it is. I’m very proud of the video, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

‘Crying on a Suitcase’ has been climbing up the charts since its release. Currently, it’s sitting at No. 33 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Watch the Casey James’ ‘Crying on a Suitcase’ Video

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