Charles Kelley has released a '70s-flavored music video for his song "Lonely Girl."

Directed by Shaun Silva, the "Lonely Girl" video opens with a woman, who is laying on an orange shag carpet, dropping a record player's needle onto Kelley's album. Throughout the clip, this woman is seen grooving along to the song in various spot in a retro-decorated house; Kelley, meanwhile, performs the track, singing both into a phone and into an old-school mic.

“Lonely girl / You’re the only girl for me / Can’t you see?" Kelley sings in the song's chorus. "When you’re all alone / Put this record on in your room / Oh, and you won’t be lonely / You won’t be lonely, girl.”

Although "Lonely Girl" is an upbeat track, there's a sadness hanging over the music video ... until that last chorus. Readers can press play above to watch.

“Lonely Girl” is the fifth track from Kelley’s recent debut solo album, The Driver. The song was written by Chris Stapleton and Jesse Frasure, and while Kelley admits that it’s “not easy to follow Stapleton’s demo,” he “put my own little spin on it, and it’s turned out to be a favorite live.”

“I’ve been wanting to cut this song since I heard it about three years ago,” the singer adds. “At the time, it wasn’t the right fit for Lady A[ntebellum], so when we started digging into my solo project, I knew it would be a big part of the record.”

“Lonely Girl” and all of The Driver are available for download on iTunes.

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