We finally have the new wrap on the KLAW 101 truck! Maybe you saw it out and about last weekend as it made it's official and glorious debut at a couple of different remote broadcasts at Wichita Furniture and Lawton Kia. It definitely stands out in the crowd and you can't help but notice it as it runs down the road. We had several people honk and wave at us and even stop by while we were on location to see it up close. 

We've been working on this, it seems like forever. The past couple of months were spent working on the design and finalizing everything so we could get it wrapped. Then the day came that we headed to Dallas to Skinz wraps to get it put on. Nothing beats a workday out of the office taking a road trip and hitting all the sights along the way. I mean if you have to make a road trip why not enjoy it right?

The first trip to Dallas we dropped it off at Skinz Wraps. We hit 5:00pm traffic on the way in and out of the city, talk about horrible timing on our part. We thought, well how bad could it really be? As it turns out it can be pretty bad. It took us forever to get to where we were going and even longer to get back out. You can bet there won't be a next time, we'll definitely plan it out better so we don't get stuck in traffic.

Skinz Wraps went to work on the truck and after about 3-4 days it was ready to be picked up. This time we left a lot earlier to avoid all the traffic and to check out a few places in Fort Worth and Dallas while we were there. We first ended up going to Cabelas in Fort Worth. If you've never been you have to go, even if you're not a big outdoors kind of person. It's an amazing place with everything outdoors under one roof.

Next we headed to Buc-ees for a quick drink and a snack. It's right next door to the Texas Motor Speedway, you can't miss it. Buc-ees is the largest gas station and convenience store chain around. It's like the Walmart of gas stations, they're HUGE. Speaking of convenience right across the street from Buc-ees is In-N-Out Burger so that's where we grabbed lunch. Then we were off to Skinz Wraps to pick up the truck.

They did a great job on the truck and we had a great time going to Fort Worth and Dallas over the past couple of weeks dropping off and picking up the truck. Take a look at the finished product below and if you see us out and about honk, wave or stop by!

KLAW 101 Truck

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