It's a Shane Black kind of news day, as not only has it been announced that Black will be directing Fox's latest 'Predator' reboot, he's also still hard at work on his adaptation of '' and has met with Chris Hemsworth about playing the title character.

This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, and they note that Black is actively working on the title for Sony, but that the film has run up against budget problems. It's no surprise that Sony is currently wary of spending too much on a genre film -- though the studio launched the blockbuster mania for superhero movies when Sam Raimi's 'Spider-Man' made a record-setting $400 million back in 2002, their more recent Spider-Man films have not been as successful, while recent remakes like 'Total Recall' and 'Robocop' were not met with much excitement. On top of which it would follow in the footsteps of 'John Carter,' which has similar pulp fiction source material.

What's also interesting about this is Hemsworth. The actor showed that he could be great in a serious drama with 'Rush,' but audiences didn't turn up for that one. He's got more leading man adventures on the horizon (including 'Cyber' for Michael Mann), but he's yet to prove himself a matinee idol outside of the 'Thor' franchise. Perhaps Doc Savage could be his Indiana Jones to Thor's Han Solo.

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