Chris Janson celebrated the Fourth of July on Monday (July 4), but that's not all: It was also his 12th anniversary with his wife, Kelly Lynn Janson.

The singer shared a snapshot of him and Kelly on a boat, smiling for the camera as blue waves sparkled behind them. "12 years of AWESOME marriage to my best friend, and most smoking hot girl I've ever seen," Janson reflects in the caption of his post.

"Love love love you [Kelly Janson] and really grateful for everything you do in all our lives. A complete bada**, who makes my world go round. Happy Anniversary," he adds.

Janson has often told the story of how he met his wife, both in interviews and in song: Tracks like "Holdin' Her," "Done" and "All In" all speak to the couple's love-at-first-sight romance.

"I saw my wife for the first time nine years ago and called it right off the bat; I said I was gonna marry her," he says in the beginning of the "Holdin' Her" music video, which came out in 2016.

The couple had to be strategic about picking a wedding date due to Janson's busy touring schedule, and July 4 — a day they knew they'd never forget — just so happened to be a perfect fit. Still, the country star says that every day feels like their wedding anniversary.

"To be honest, we celebrate our anniversary every day," he said in 2018. "Every day that I get to wake up beside Kelly feels like a celebration. We're partners in everything, and we're in love."

The couple are parents to four children, including Kelly's two kids from a previous marriage, whom Janson refers to as his "bonus kids." Since getting married, they have welcomed two more babies: A son, Jesse Bo, and daughter, Georgia.

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