Reality television star Lauren Bushnell — now known as Lauren Lane — called mask mandates for young children in schools "cruel" and asked, "Who is representing the children?" The former Bachelor contestant is married to country singer Chris Lane, and the couple have one child together, 8-month-old Dutton.

Conversations around mask mandates grew more heated after the Super Bowl, a nationally televised event that required all fans to wear masks during the game. Very few — and virtually no celebrities — were seen with masks on, however, even though a free KN95 mask was provided for every fan. Patrons over five years old were required to either show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.

Via Instagram, Lane shared her concerns about kids getting a proper education with a mask on. "Young children cannot learn with a mask on period point blank. This is cruel," she said (per Fox News).

Concerns about masks affecting education typically focus on an inability to see important visual cues from adults, thus slowing development. The data on this issue is not as conclusive as Lane indicates. In 2021, CNN wrote about two studies — one done before the pandemic, and one during — that indicated some misunderstanding of cues, but not total inability. The medical experts they interviewed felt children would catch up quickly, but that point of view is not held unanimously.

Lane advocates for parental choice and an "open conversation."

"I have the ability to home school him or send him to private school if I have to. Not everyone has this ability to do for their children. It's not fair and cruel to an entire generation," she says, adding:

"Tbh in my heart I feel for the parents of those who don't have these options. Who feel like their babies are falling behind but don't have the same options I have."

The 32-year-old shared a few responses from her Instagram followers, some of which were critical of her opinions on the matter. All of these Instagram Story posts have since expired.

She's hardly the first celebrity to rail against mandates, even in country music. Jason Aldean blasted the governor of California for a vaccine mandate in October, which led to him discussing various COVID-19 rules and restrictions throughout the month. Artists like Travis Tritt and Kid Rock have also refused to play concerts where fans are required to wear a mask, get the vaccine or show a negative COVID-19 test.

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