To some, Christian Laettner was the "white knight" of college basketball. To others, he was the "evil villian." Laettner, who led Duke University to four straight NCAA tournaments, becoming the only player in history to start games in four straight final fours, was as well known for his cold as ice clutch performances as he was for his tactics which some consider "dirty."

The whole world, it seems, still hates Christian Laettner. Even though it’s been 23 years since he hit one of the most famous shots in basketball history to beat Kentucky in the NCAA tournament; 23 years since he stomped on the chest of an opposing player and 10 years since he last played an NBA game, the name Christian Laettner, unless you’re a Duke basketball fan, probably doesn’t have positive connotations.

It is because of his amazing run of success at Duke in the early 1990s that so many college hoops fans grew to loathe him. But he did plenty to help bolster their fire, such as the time he purposely stepped on Kentucky's Aminu Timberlake. But many fans can remember.

The background on his Twitter page features the hashtag #Hatersgonnahate and he used the show's title as a hastag throughout #IHateChristianLaettner. But then came the real surprise of the evening...

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