The United Way Campaign is still in full swing, and there are still plenty of ways to help with their 2021/2022 Annual Campaign before it winds down for the year.

We've spoken before about the many ways United Way partner agencies help those in need in SW Oklahoma, from affordable child care, to after school activities, to legal aid, to food, all benefit from your donations to the United Way, or to fundraising campaigns benefiting United Way of Southwest Oklahoma and North Texas.

As we have heard from Frank Myers from the United Way, 70% or more of the funding that the United Way receives comes from folks just like you and me, who pledge a portion of each paycheck through payroll deduction to be donated to United Way.  Then, there are other ways as well, through fundraising events like the one planned by the City of Lawton.

attachment-COL United Way Slider Benefit 2021 Flyer (1)

The City of Lawton is teaming with Texas Roadhouse for a lunch benefiting United Way.  For just $5 you can get lunch and help out a very worthy cause.  A cause that helps all of us!  Be a part of helping partner agencies for the next year, and have a great lunch on Friday starting at 11 am.

Get two sliders, a bag of chips, and a bottle of water for $5. The event will be on 10/29/21 in the lobby of City Hall, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. All proceeds go to the United Way of Southwest Oklahoma, which funds various nonprofits in the Lawton Fort Sill community. Learn more at

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