The City of Lawton will be implementing the much-awaited new utility billing system this week.  Citizens of Lawton have been anxious for this new system that will bring the City's billing system into a whole new age.

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Of course with new technology, there are bound to be some hiccups.  One item, in particular, is that some billing may be delayed during the transfer of information and accounts from the old system.  And, once the implementation is complete, there will be some changes in the billing cycles.

During the implementation week from March 14-18, the Utility Services Division will continue to operate with limited services.

  • The division will continue to accept payments both digitally and physically. Although, payments will not reflect on citizens’ utility accounts until after the software goes live on March 21; the payment will be recorded manually by city staff. Citizens will still be expected to pay their bill by their due date even if the due date falls during the implementation week.
  • The division will be able to tell citizens how much their utility bill is but will not be able to look up water usage information.


Jeri Anderson
Jeri Anderson

But the good news is that the new billing system will be in place by March 21!  It will make life so much easier for those of us who like to pay online.  The City of Lawton has contracted previously with a 3rd party payment option.  We are so looking forward to the ease of payment that will come with this new system!


  • To continue protecting citizens’ information, citizens who are currently signed up for bank auto-draft will have to sign up again within the new system. Citizens will be able to self-sign-up for bank auto-draft online and will not have to submit a voided check to the Utility Services Division. The City of Lawton apologizes for this inconvenience but asks for citizens’ understanding and patience during this transition.
  • Citizens’ billing cycles will change; therefore, citizens will receive a new schedule for when their bill is issued and when payment is due. (CLICK HERE to view an example of the new bills.)
  • Bills will still be mailed, but citizens will have the ability to opt-out of paper bills and receive emailed bills.
  • The bills have been redesigned and will give citizens a more in-depth look at their usage data.
  • The address for mailing bill payments will change from City Hall to a PO Box managed by Liberty National Bank.
  • The new utility system, coupled with the city’s partnership with Liberty National Bank, will improve the bill pay experience. Checks will clear customer banks within a 24-to-48-hour time period, instead of the typical five to seven business days.
  • The new utility system provides for greater online capabilities. Citizens utilizing the Utilities Customer Service portal can self-sign-up for email and text notifications for bills, payment reminders, etc. Citizens must sign-up for the notifications; this will not be automatic.


  • Citizens can still utilize the drop box outside City Hall.
  • The online platform will allow citizens to pay their bills online (one-time payment), or set up reoccurring (ACH, credit/debit cards) payments.

As always for more information, contact the City of Lawton’s Utility Services Division at 580-581-3308 or visit the City of Lawton’s website,

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