Clay Walker's return to country radio will rely on a timeless country feeling: The need for drink. "Need a Bar Sometimes" embraces his twang, but adds just the smallest amount of contemporary production to make a mix that fits 2020.

Lyrically Walker, Jaron Boyer and Josh Mirenda list the more meaningful reasons you might pull up a chair for an adult beverage. It's mostly cowboy reasons like killing time, blowing off steam, getting over an ex or meeting whomever is next. At a shade under three minutes, there's nothing fancy about the structure of "Need a Bar Sometimes." Walker's comeback won't lean on anything gimmicky.

The drum track and steel guitar is probably what most sets this song apart from any in Walker's catalog. More traditional instruments get a little botox to sound younger, but nothing obfuscates where the singer came from. Credit the 51-year-old for recognizing that in order to be relevant, he needs to come to the genre with humility, not ask the genre to dial it back to 2003.

Did You Know?: Clay Walker is now on Toby Keith's Show Dog Nashville record label.

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Clay Walker's "Need a Bar Sometimes" Lyrics: 

Yeah you might need a taste of tequila / Or a cold beer on an old bar stool / Might wanna kill a little time after you knock off at five / To kick a little dust off your boots.

We all need a bar sometimes / Lean back with a long neck on a neon night / Somewhere you can sip and unwind / Or hang out with the party crowd till closing time / You might be drowning her leaving / Or just here drinking / But we all need a bar sometimes. 

You might need it for meeting somebody / Or learning to let someone go / Wanna turn that jukebox and light one up / And just get lost in the smoke. 

Repeat Chorus

You might be drowning her leaving / Or just here drinking / We all need a bar sometimes.

Repeat Chorus

You might be down on your luck / Or just need a little buzz / We all need a bar sometimes. 

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