2012 Award Season is whining down now since the Oscars are over, however, Hollywood is not going down easy without making splashes in the headlines. Yes the dresses were gorgeous, all the rumors about what when down at the after parties, and the recap of winners and losers, make for an interesting read. But by far the funnies and most memorable moment of this year’s Oscars goes to Ryan Seacrest and Sacha Baron Cohen.

After a publicized plea to the Oscar committee, Cohen got his way in to the Oscar ceremony. But as always he brought major drama to the award ceremony of the year, and lots of laughs for the rest of us. Poor Seacrest, who is always so crisp and preppy, should have thought twice then to approach Cohen for an interview.

Cohen’s new movie, the Dictator, revolves around a fictional Middle Eastern dictator, think Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi mix together, who visits New York; the movie probably the best of Cohen yet, promises to be memorable to say the least.

And to stay true to his character, Cohen showed up as the Dictator at the Oscars, in military uniform, sun glasses, and thick accent. But one of the big shockers was an urn with the “ashes” of the late North Korea Dictator, Kim Jong-Il .

And here it is, the one video that will be replayed again and again every time Seacrest hits a red carpet!


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