If you have had a loved one in the hospital recently, you know that visitors have been limited to only 1 person.  Well, that is changing at Comanche County Memorial Hospital.

But there is a catch.  To allow the two additional visitors, CCMH must have documentation that your have received your COVID vaccine and only to visit patients that are non COVID patients. They will keep the one patient advocate in effect for the patients entire stay at the hospital.

When you go to visit you will stop at the Guest Relations center with your proof of Vaccination card, must be screened and you must wear a mask at all times you are in the patients room.

CCMH as well as many hospitals in SW Oklahoma are seeing decreases in patients that need to be hospitalized for COVID, and that's great news!  That allows for some of the loosening of restrictions that we are seeing.

As more and more vaccines become available and as more of us begin taking the vaccination, we will these numbers go down even more.  I read yesterday somewhere that we will soon be in Phase 3 of Vaccine distribution, so hoping that the worst of this pandemic is behind us.

Visiting restriction for COVID patients will remain the same, with no visitors unless it is an end of life case, with signed family consent

The new visitation policy if in effect now, and visiting hours remain 8am-6pm.

Of course if you have any questions on this new policy you can visit here.


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