Angry moms, mean people ... and Trace AdkinsTaste of Country lined up some of country's biggest stars to find out what -- or, rather, who -- they're most afraid of, and why.

For Tyler Farr, his biggest fear is a combo of buddies Lee Brice and Jerrod Neimann ... with taser guns (sounds like an episode of A Little Too Farr to us). Miranda Lambert speaks from the soul of every teenage girl when she says it's her mom -- specifically when she's angry -- who scares her the most. Brooke Eden, meanwhile, says she's terrified of mean people (no surprise there!), and Jackson Michelson's afraid of clowns ... but RaeLynn's fear of the diminutive Dolly Parton is a bit unexpected.

"She scared me because I was nervous to meet her," RaeLynn says.

Trey Smith of Smithfield says he's scared of his childhood friend-turned-musical partner Jennifer Fiedler before they go onstage. Fiedler admits that she can get intense at times -- "in the best way possible," adds Smith.

For all of his unintentionally scary qualities, though, Adkins' name got brought up a few times.

"He looks like he's been shot and stabbed a hundred times, and I think he has," Joe Nichols says. Adds Maddie Marlow, "There's not many people with a voice as low as his, and it spooks me because it's so low. He's a very intimidating man."

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