Craig Morgan nearly fainted singing his song about his late son Jerry on the Kelly Clarkson Show. "The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost" is a powerful ballad about faith and loss, and the response has been overwhelming. Performing the song, Morgan says, takes all of his physical and emotional strength.

In fact, some nights Morgan says he just can't do it, but if he can, it will come at the very end because afterward there's nothing left. "Right now talking about it, it takes a lot to physically maintain my composure when I even talk about it," he shares. "Singing it is that much worse."

"When I did the Kelly Clarkson Show, I almost passed out," Morgan adds, referring to an emotional television performance from earlier this year. "My knees were weak, I was shaking, my heart — everything in me, because it takes so much energy to maintain my composure while singing this song that is so personal. And then I made the mistake of opening my eyes and I'd seen Kelly and Blake and Eva, they were crying and it just hammered me."

The country veteran says he gets dozens, if not hundreds of messages every day from people moved by his song, and he sees and reads them all. That's why he puts himself through the agony of singing the song again and again.

"I don't reply to them all because there's just absolutely no way that I can," he says, adding that the ones that stick with him the most are from people who didn't lose a child, but want to tell him how his words led them back to God.

"I read one yesterday from a gentleman, he dropped his child off at school and he said that he cried all the way home listening to this song thinking about his child. He said he don't know how I did, but he's so grateful that I did this song, because it makes him think about that and it makes him think about his faith. That's powerful."

Watch the full interview above to hear Morgan talk about his faith after his son's death, and how the tragedy changed his perspective on life and eternal life. The "Redneck Yacht Club" hitmaker also talks about little signs Jerry leaves for him almost daily and ultimately how he decides if and when he'll sing "The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost."

Craig Morgan Opens Up About His Son Jerry

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